Friday, March 23, 2007

Good Knight.
Newcastle wins 16-12 over Dragons

Video Review: Click Here

In a close affair the Knights have defeated the Saints by 4 points at Oki Jubilee tonight. For the Knights, Kidley, Abraham and new boy McManus were dangerous with every touch. The Knights look to have a stronger and more willing defensive line in 2007 - it seems coach Smith has installed pride in the line. They showed nice attacking flair in parts with Mullen having good involvement.

For the Dragons, it was the same old story but with different players. Early promise and some slick attacking set plays were followed by drop balls and ill-dicipline. Morris was impressive as was young gun Chase Stanley. At critical times loose carries at the ruck saw possession changes and some final tackle options were a little un-polished from the normally perfect Hornby.

The Saints lose Woolford early to injury, it is unknown how much damage is done to the former Raiders ankle. Sadly for the Dragons they have millions of dollars worth of talent on the sideline: Gasnier, Cooper, Head, Young and now Woolford.

The young Knights side deserved the win and held in during important swinging periods of the match. They will build in confidence with a true changing of the guard during the absense of Joey and Budsy. Seu Seu is looking good as is their boom Half Mullen.