Sunday, March 25, 2007

Warriors the entertainers, bust Brisbane up
Warriors 24 - Broncos 14

In another display of exciting Rugby League, the NZ Warriors again put in a classy showing to dispose of a Lockyer-less Broncos. The game at Mt Smart stadium Auckland took a while to get going, but after the initial sorting out period - the Warriors turned the tries on at will, with new buys Witt and Crockett dynamic for the Kiwi based outfit.

Ex-Tiger Crockett bagged a double again and must be looming as early by of the year. The Warriors forwards this year look so much more disciplined and rarely coughed up the ball to the opposition. Price was at his usual best, always hitting the advantage line hard and gaining valuable metres.

Witt seems to be just the medicine for the previously in-consistent Warriors. His organisation was handy for the team that has struggled since Stacey left. Witt would be loving playing behind such an explosive forward pack, he has plenty of time to setup the play and his pushing to the line was perfect, as he regularly swung the ball wide for Martin and Crockett to run wild.

Most of the Warriors play was sent down the Martin/Crockett wing, which has obviously payed dividends.

The Warriors are certinaly looking potent in 2007 and along with the Cowboys and of course Melbourne are the standouts.
Next week will be the big test, with the Warriors having to travel away from home and the destination is the graveyeard - Melbourne.

The Broncos won't panic too much after the loss, as they are certainly missing the spark of Lockyer and the thrust of Parker. Perry played well in the shadow of Lockyer and Hodges and Hunt tried hard without result.

Hunt surprising with the hit of the game on of all people Ruben Wiki in the first half. The small Kiwi cum Aussie half back hit Wiki from side-on sending him crashing to the turf.

The Broncos now have no points to show from 2 games now and partner the Bulldogs, Eels, Raiders and Roosters in the cellar for 2007.